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Need a little sunshine for the seedlings

Posted by on March 12, 2013

I don’t have grow lights. It would be nice to have a lovely set to baby the seedlings during the shorter days of late winter, but we simply don’t have the space. Nor do I think it would last long. I’ve already had the boys knock down containers and seedlings so hanging lights wouldn’t stand a chance. IMG_6431

When I first start plants most of them spend time in the windows. If I’m on the ball I’ll have them in the eastern windows, then move south and finally to the west side of the house. This year I’m far from being on top of things so I’ve started taking them out to the greenhouse earlier than normal. When it’s sunny, the temp climbs well above 80 degrees F, and it’s a little piece of heaven.


I pulled out the heat mat a little earlier this year, as well, in order to encourage a whole batch of ‘Maxifort’ seedlings to grow large enough to graft this Saturday. I’m holding an informal class for the Level 2 and 3 Master Gardeners so they can see how to make their own grafted varieties. It’ll be a very quick “snip and clip” type event. A week from Saturday (March 23) I’m teaching a more involved class for River City Harvest in order to share the knowledge. I’ve grafted tomatoes for years, and am pleased with the results. The plants are bigger, healthier and produce a lot more fruit. We need all the help we can get in Great Falls so I’m convinced grafting is the way to go.

One Response to Need a little sunshine for the seedlings

  1. Rhonda

    Looking good, I’m not starting any until April this year…but then again, I don’t have a greenhouse ;-(

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