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Cleaning containers for spring planting

Posted by on March 24, 2013

IMG_6492I found the recipe for keeping the boys happy: A bathtub full of plant containers that need washed and the promise of cash when it’s done.  I hate washing the containers before planting, yet it needs to be done to avoid nasty pathogens that can kill my little seedlings. It’s no fun to have them growing, full of promise, then have them succumb to damping off or another fungus. If I was on the ball I would’ve done them in the fall before I chucked them into the garden shed for the winter. But, we all know that’s not the case! Now they need to be done as I need them, which is happening at a rather fast pace. So I got the idea that it would be a win-win if I asked the boys to do them.

They were thrilled. Play in the water and earn a dollar? Genius. I filled the tub with warm water, added a bit of Dawn dishwashing detergent and a healthy dose of white vinegar. Then the went at it with their rags cleaning out the potting soil still clinging to some of them, and finally rinsing them out. I can’t say they were neat about the whole thing, but that doesn’t matter as long as they were enjoying it, not killing each other and cleaning those containers for me. If they keep up doing such a good job they’re going to be flush in cash, and I’ll be happy not to have to wash them as I need them.

One Response to Cleaning containers for spring planting

  1. Rhonda

    Do they want to earn some more money…hehe.

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