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I’m hanging with the Montana Mountain Mamas

Posted by on June 4, 2013

I think those of us who raise our families in Montana are blessed with unique opportunities. A simple hike in the woods is an adventure, there are always mountains to climb, and every season brings a changing palette of colors, textures and wildlife. Even in the backyard it’s not out of the ordinary to see antelope, fox, eagles, hawks and enough birds to make an rookie birder happy. Of course, the occasional rattlesnake might be a bit more than some of us like, but they’re part of the picture, too.

SIMG_6612o you can imagine my delight when a new website, Montana Mountain Mamas, came online a few months ago. It’s wonderful to find like-minded ladies who take advantage of everything our beautiful state has to offer, and to see what they’re doing throughout the area. ¬†From mountain biking, hiking or playing in that nasty stuff called snow, these women and their families live life to the fullest. So you can imagine how honored I was when they asked me to join the ranks of the Montana Mountain Mamas to add my experiences in gardening and eating real food in Big Sky country!¬†IMG_6974

My first post, A Lesson for the Not-So-Patient Gardener, deals with a recent setback that put a significant dent in my gardening schedule. I consider myself someone who is pretty ready for most bumps along the way, but I must admit that this was never on the radar. As always, it proves to be a learning experience.

One Response to I’m hanging with the Montana Mountain Mamas

  1. Michelle

    I have a 6ft plant that has appeared in my yard in two separate places two years in a row. It is like nothing I’ve seen before. I have pictures (unfortunately after I cut it down). I let it grow to see what it would do. It produced many branches of heavy laddened buds that produced an abundance of pollen but never flowered, it’s like a small tree in size. I would love to send you send you pictures.

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